Anadariya is a trusted provider of food and agricultural products in emerging markets with a history dating back over 30 years. We are a fully vertically integrated organization with assets including more than a million square feet of poultry rearing area, significant agricultural land, grain storage facilities, feed manufacturing, poultry processing, warehousing and logistics

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Farmer Support

Anadariya helps local community farmers to grow along with the farm. We share our irrigation resources and agricultural advances with our local community farmers to help them improve their yields and family incomes.


Anadariya provides direct & indirect employment and improves the quality of life of thousands of people. Our businesses generate significant employment as well as help many entrepreneurs become our distributors and vendors.

Health Benefits

Malnutrition and low protein intake in Africa significantly lag recommended consumption levels. Anadariya produces quality chicken meat, eggs, and legumes such as soybeans which are an excellent source of protein.

Clients and Partners

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